Role of research at IBIS UvA

The interaction between scientific theory and practice

UvA professorenAs being part of the University of Amsterdam, IBIS UvA aims to make valuable contributions to the scientific development of industrial statistics. Many research topics are inspired by problems encountered in practice, whereas clients from the business community profit from the results of scientific research.

Main research areas

  • Industrial statistics: methodology for control charts, measurement system analysis, multivariate process monitoring, explorative data-analysis.
  • Lean Six Sigma methodology: rational reconstruction and foundations of (Lean) Six Sigma's methods and techniques.
  • Bussiness economics: Six Sigma and innovation, Lean Six Sigma in healthcare and financial services.


  • Members of the institute publish regularly in international scientific literature (see publication list, Dutch website).
  • IBIS UvA publishes books for professionals in industry, (financial) services and healthcare. These books describe techniques for carrying out an improvement project according to the DMAIC-methodology advocated by Lean Six Sigma. Furthermore, they discuss in detail how Lean Six Sigma can be fully implemented in an organisation (see books, Dutch website).
  • Members of IBIS UvA are either working on their PhD thesis or hold a doctor's degree. IBIS UvA has delivered 20 PhDs since 2000.

Operations Management

IBIS UvA is a consulting company within the section Operations Management at the University of Amsterdam. The Institute is recognized as leading in operations management and Lean Six Sigma.