Lean Six Sigma training

Take process improvement to the next level

IBIS UvA is a well-established institute at the University of Amsterdam and has more than 25 years of experience in training Lean Six Sigma. 

We have a broad experience in healthcare, services and industry. This experience enables us to enrich each training with suitable examples for your company. Our contribution to scientific research will provide you with the theoretical background and up-to-date methods and techniques within the subject of Lean Six Sigma

Two examples of successful in-company programmes:

  • Since 2007, IBIS UvA has been involved in implementing Lean Six Sigma in an academic hospital. Employees educated by IBIS UvA  have successfully completed more than 500 projects. These projects lead to quality improvement in healthcare and have saved about 30 million euros.
  • At a large financial service company, IBIS UvA played an important role in building a full Lean Six Sigma structure. In a few years time, we transformed the organisation employing 30 Green and Black Belts, supported by more than 200 Yellow and Orange Belts.