Lean Six Sigma institute of the University of Amsterdam

IBIS UvA is owned by the University of Amsterdam, and is seen internationally as a center of expertise in Lean Six Sigma and industrial statistics. The members of the institute are frequent publishers in international scientific literature as well as professional literature.

IBIS UvA: staff

Professor Prof. dr. Ronald J.M.M. Does
phone: 020-525 6024
e-mail: r.j.m.m.does@uva.nl  

Associate professor
Dr. Marit Schoonhoven
phone: 020-525 5203
e-mail: m.schoonhoven@uva.nl

Professor Prof. dr. Michel R.H. Mandjes
phone: 020-525 5164
e-mail: m.r.h.mandjes@uva.nl

Assistant professor Dr. Alex Kuiper
phone: 020-525 5203
e-mail: a.kuiper@uva.nl

PhD student
Rob Goedhart MSc
phone: 020-525 5203
e-mail: r.goedhart2@uva.nl

PhD student
Leo Huberts MSc
phone: 020-525 5203
e-mail: l.c.e.huberts@uva.nl

Office manager Mrs. Atie Buisman
phone: 020-525 5257
e-mail: a.a.m.buisman@uva.nl